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How To Choose The Right Dining Table for Your Dining Area?

The dining table is where you can eat and read and enjoy a comforting solace in the whole activity. The dining table is not just another gathering point for the families to dine together and converse. For ages, the dining table has been referred to as the “Locus” of every home, creating symmetry in the living room and separating the area from the rest of the world.

Here are 6 tips for choosing the best modern dining tables for your house.

Sturdy Stuff:

A dining table has to be strong and sturdy enough to accommodate the food items effectively well. The dining table sees it all that flies around in the house. Wood remains the most preferred material to opt for in dining table categories. Hardwood like mahogany, teak, oak, and walnut are the top choice for dining tables that will stay young and lively year after year. Veneer material is largely outdated and not preferred owing to the heavy wear and tear involved.

Other cheaper options are plastic fiber tables, stainless steel, and MDF Plywood tables.

The Size:

Impress your guests with a dining table that can double up as a seating lounge as well. Don’t discount the importance of a glass-top dining table, which magnifies the appeal of the central coffee table. The standard size for a dining table starts at 160 cm, which can easily seat 6 people.

180 cm, 220 cm, and 240 cm dining tables are other common varieties that buyers can explore, depending on the number of people likely to occupy the dining table.


After finding the right material and the size, buyers must bring their room dimensions into the play. There are two specific clearances that the dining table must be compared with.

Table-wall Clearance:

What is the distance between the table and the wall? Will the likely occupant be able to draw out the chair comfortably without touching the wall? The ideal wall-to-table clearance is 50”.

Table-furniture Clearance: 

The surrounding furniture must be kept at an ideal distance too so that the mobile trolleys and buffet servers can be comfortably moved around and placed over the dining table. Furniture like sofas, chests, and cabinets can pose a hurdle in the movement of the food. The ideal table-furniture clearance between the dining table and other furniture is 45”.

The Shape of The Pedestal:

Round wooden dining tables can be fit into any room without worrying about the configuration or dimensions. Moreover, they can easily seat 6-12 guests. Rectangular tables can seat anywhere between 6 and 12 members, but the seating spots are limited.

Color Trends:

Color shades are turning trendier each day. Red, yellow and blue is easily the most preferred dining table color. White-colored dining tables also attract a lot of attention. However, cleaning them could be a messy affair.

Never Overlook the Black:

Black dining tables are the rage worldwide, and for obvious reasons, they render a rustic yet sophisticated appeal to the room.

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