Some Thoughtful And Amazing Gifts For Your Elder Sister

An elder sister, if you have one, you might know the love and care you get from her. She protects you from your parents scolding and protects you from all the evil in the world. She cheers you up throughout your tough situations and motivates you to achieve all that you aspire. She inspires you to be the best version of yourself and will do whatever it takes to help you achieve that. An elder sister is almost like your second mom; she scolds you when you are wrong, protects you from all the negatives and encourages you to choose the greater path in your life.

She pampers you with everything you want and will sacrifice her needs to get that latest mobile phone you always wanted. She is there for you whenever you need them, in turn helping you to stay calm and positive in your life. With her, you will never feel burdened with life and responsibilities as she will always take all that away from you with her love and care. This year on your elder Sister’s birthday, pledge to do something extra special for her. Her birthday is your time to revert all the love she has showered on you. Send flowers online  at her doorsteps to make her smile. Let’s have a look at some other gifts you can opt for.


 If your Sister loves engaging in biographies or novels in general, why not gift her something that helps her get rid of the habit of stacking novels every second day. A Kindle bit is a small gadget that will allow her to read amazing novels without the need of buying one every time. Novels help us in so many wonderful ways, encouraging her to read novels without feeling guilty for spending all the money on novels.

Saregama Carvaan:

 Have a sister who loves listening to old 90’s songs? Why not gift her a speaker with an inbuilt selection of amazing old melodies by some of the most liked Indian singers of all time. She can now listen to all her favourite songs while doing her daily chores such as cleaning, cooking or just while having her morning tea. It will be a gift that will help her detangle from all the day’s stress and engage in some musical evenings.


 If your Sister is into health and fitness, a FitBit might be the gift for her. Give her the luxury to calculate all the calories burnt while she routinely exercises with the help of this amazing fitness band. She can now know the steps she took per day and track her pulse rate regularly. This is particularly fun if she has a sitting job, as this band will keep reminding her when she needs to get up and start moving a bit. These watches are quite pocket friendly, so even if you live on your pocket money, this will not burden your wallet.


 Talking about health, are you aware of all the calories and fats our basic fried foods such as French fries and all can have? If you have concerns about your Sister’s health, you can gift her an air fryer that will allow her to have all the delicious fried foods without gaining those extra calories and without putting on much weight. An air fryer is a blessing for everyone who craves fried foods.

Clothes Steamer:

 Gone are those days where we would take hours to iron our clothes; with the new generation of cloth steamers, you can steam your clothes minutes before going out. An expensive suit, a heavily embroidered dress or maybe your daily office wear, a cloth steamer can do it all in minutes. So go on and grab a good quality cloth steamer that will save your Sister’s time and efforts all at once. These steamers don’t cost a lot, so you won’t need to save a lot before her birthday.


 If you want things to be on a lighter side and don’t have a lot of money to spare, a beautiful bouquet is a good option to go for. To send flowers online and let her know how much you love and adore her.

Your Sister is the most beautiful treasure in your life; make sure that you cherish every moment in your life that you have with her. She tells you the meaning and essence of true, unconditional and selfless love. She is someone you can always rely on upon with your secrets, and be assured that you will never be judged no matter what. So, send birthday flowers online and cheer her up on her special day, her birthday.

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