Electric Vehicles Degree

What are the Skills Required for Electric Vehicles Degree?

The scenario of electric vehicles and automotive electronics is changing as development occurs. There is a lot of potential for disruptive improvements in this field. There are several organizations which are searching for talented and industry-ready engineers. These automotive electronics serve as the foundation for all operations, which turn new technologies into reality.

As technology advances with time, it makes new areas like connected vehicles, shared transportation, autonomous driving and advanced driver assistance systems. As a result, it will frequently be in the news over the next five years. This article covers all the skills you require to get an Electric Vehicles Degree. 

Skill Requirements

Depending on their product portfolio, there are different requirements for automotive organizations or industries like OEMs and supporting automotive industries.

Here are some of the skills required for electric vehicles:

  • You should thoroughly understand prototypes, including hardware design, software development, EMC compliance and functional testing.
  • A candidate should have cross-domain engineering skills. Just take an example if you have a basic understanding of mechanical engineering.
  • You should have sufficient skills to embed product development. It includes in-vehicle and outside-vehicle deployment of various data networking protocols.
  • There is a requirement for Electrical and Electronics to develop skills in multi-disciplinary technology design.
  • You should be able to explain all the technical information and requirements accurately to other members.
  • You must have a problem – solving, analytical and creative abilities.

Here is some subject whose expertise matter most in a wide range of technologies:

  • You should know how to do integration of vehicles and systems.
  • You should be aware of vehicle design and engineering.
  • Some programming languages like Matlab, Simulink, Python, C and many more.
  • You should know the designing part of the electric motor.
  • You should be able to design-based models.
  • You should have an excellent knowledge of Battery Management Systems and Battery Engineering.
  • Data Fusion and signal processing are integral parts of an Electric Vehicle Degree.

Who Can Be An Electric Vehicle Engineer?

Anyone passionate about electric vehicles can become an excellent electric vehicle engineer. They can have any of the below engineering degrees:

  • Electronics
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Instrumentation
  • Automobile Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Mechatronics

You need to learn hybrid electric vehicle design like PCB designing, Hardware designing and many more. Moreover, as they progress in this domain, they can specialize in many parts like Motor Design, Vehicle ECU design, Powertrain Design, Programming Test and Validation.

Current Market

  • More than 500 companies in India directly or indirectly engage in design, development, manufacturing and testing activities.
  • Suppose you see some of the past innovations, then you’ve got to know that almost 90% of the innovation is in vehicles. These vehicles come from electronics and software programming using Python, C, AUTOZAR etc.
  • The upcoming country and global regulations will lead to increased software and electronic content use in almost all vehicles.
  • As the demand for Clean and Green technology is increasing, it has pushed the electric vehicle to the forefront. 


You need to develop the above skills to get a degree in Electric Vehicles. After getting a degree, you will have many options for a job and earn a good amount of money. You can also specialize in several branches after having an electric vehicle degree.

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