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Mobile Payment Platforms for eCommerce Business

We live in a world that is surrounded by mobile computing and internet. With advancement in technology, ecommerce industry has grown up well. It is establishing the new milestones in generating the revenues. As with billions of internet and mobile users, online business and shopping have become an essential part of life. Just one click makes them able to get anything at their door step. But when it comes to having your own ecommerce business, payment gateway has its major role. There are various factors on which ecommerce business depends on, and payment platform is one of the major ones. It’s a bit tricky to handle online transactions when you start an ecommerce business. And in the current scenario when people prefer to use mobiles for ecommerce business, mobile payment platforms have an utmost importance for a smooth transaction process.

A payment gateway must ensure the secure transaction of money for your ecommerce site to keep things easy for you. There is an ultimate need to have a proper integration between your ecommerce store and the payment gateway you choose. If you don’t have a proper integration of payment gateway, your sales will be impacted. The reason is that when customers get the option of cash on delivery only, it becomes problematic at times. Because most of the people prefer online transactions. When they don’t find this option, they don’t prefer to buy from such source where they can’t use online transaction option at. The drawback comes on front in the form of dwindled sales. As many people prefer to pay with their credit, debit card or net banking for purchasing the online products.

As these days, shopping can be done anywhere: during breaks in your work time, in bus or train, etc. During some free time when you want to lay down and take a nap, many people search different sites. They like a thing, they add it into cart and purchase online. So it’s now even more necessary to focus on mobile payment platforms being an ecommerce business owner. Here are some effective mobile platforms that are best suited for online transactions.


Stripe is one of the most efficient payment method with several options for payment such as wallets, credit cards, etc. There are many ecommerce businesses using it as the right price gives them edge. Stripe has no such burden of a setup fee. You don’t have to pay monthly gateway fees that can be a burden at times. However, it charges a bit as flat rate of 2.9%. Additionally, $0.30 per transaction also needs to be paid. This feature is like There are certain efficient features of Stripe that work well for you.

  • With Stripe, you can have the processing of more than 100 different currencies with ease. There are no additional charges for this.
  • With this, you can create your own payment method for the sake of mobile payment. This custom user interface makes thing even easier for you.
  • It has the characteristic to make fast mobile checkouts. Nobody has to wait for too long for transaction process.
  • With Stripe, it makes possible for the ecommerce business owner to send the customized invoices for ease. It also keeps things easy by making the customized request payments from the customers. With this, you can also make scheduled as well as recurring payments according to your choice.
  • One other important feature of Stripe is its point of using the adapted algorithms. These algorithms are used to detect the fraud.

Overall, Stripe has many beneficial features. As far price is concerned, it is relatively equal to several other processors that are available out there.

Recommended by a dissertation writing firm, having a customer base of huge companies, is out of highly effective mobile payment platforms. Although it’s not cheap and its setting up cost is $45, still it is a demanded platform. It also charges a fee of $25 as a monthly gateway for usage. Furthermore, you also need to pay 2.9% and $0.30 on every transaction you make. An additional 1.5 % also needs to be paid in case of having an international market. It means, in case being outside of Europe, US, and Australia as well as Canada, you need to pay extra. But still, it has 400,000 users due to its efficient features.

  • You get an advanced fraud detection suite with this that helps you to prevent any loss in case of a fraud.
  • It gives the option for the customers to save the shipping, and billing options for future purchase.
  • It gives a quick checkout for ease and fast processing and that’s one great factor when it comes to mobile payment platforms.
  • You can have different payment types for mobile devices in different modes. Such as it is not difficult for digital payments as well for EMV chip cards.
  • It provides the efficient customer support to make things easy for the customers.

Huge ecommerce businesses get benefits from because of its efficient characteristic. The only pitfall is the international fee it has. Furthermore, it has restricted shipping options internationally, that makes one negative aspect of it. Otherwise, it is one of the most beneficial mobile payment platforms.


Out of different mobile payment platforms, PayPal is a popular gateway of payment. It is used across the globe and considered as one of the most trustworthy payment platforms. It doesn’t charge any fee from the buyers. But being an ecommerce business owner, you need to pay the fees in case of using it for the sake of visa payments. You won’t be required to pay anything for gateway fee, or setting up expenses.

As the processing fee is concerned, it’s 2.9% on every transaction without any monthly charges. There are famous brands that use PayPal like Disney, Adidas, etc. It is a convenient option for those ecommerce business owners who have low volume business flow to cope with.


Modern world needs modern solutions to tackle the technological advancement. As with growing trend of ecommerce business, efficient mobile payment platforms need to be used for smooth transactions. That will ultimately show a boost in sales.

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