These five things will bring you good luck as per Feng Shui

For ages, people have tried different ways to bring health, wealth, and happiness to their families. Different cultures across the world have adopted various traditions to fulfill this purpose. Today, in the modern world, interior specialists widely follow conventions like Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui to design the interior of a house. Feng Shui is the traditional practice from ancient China used to bring luck to the household. It offers numerous techniques to serve this purpose. Here are five of them enlisted for your home decoration

  1.     Paint the front door red

According to Feng Shui, the front door or entrance is vital as it brings health and happiness. Thus, it must not be blocked or interfered with anything. It is the entryway of energy and ensures that enough of this energy flows in the house. 

Painting the front door red is a fair way to restore the energy coming towards the house. You should not forget that, according to Feng Shui, red is a good absorber of powerful positive energies. Red is the supportive paint of auspiciousness known to offer protection from negative energies, claims Feng Shui.

  1.     Collect Chinese coins

These coins were used as a currency in ancient China. Henceforth, it has been seen as a symbol of prosperity by Chinese traditions. These copper coins are tied together using red or yellow silk threads and hung on a wall to bring good luck. 

Red and yellow, both colors, represent prosperity. While red is considered to possess a protective aura, yellow is related to the imperial court. To derive the best results, you can collect authentic Chinese copper coins or otherwise. You can also go for replicas that usually come in gold or jade. 

  1.     Add a horse painting to your room.

Feng Shui claims that hanging a horse wall painting brings luck and fame to the house. Horse paintings are said to have high positive energy, which attracts and intensifies good fortune. According to Feng Shui, painting 8 powerful galloping horses in your work area catalysts your luck. It will help you face challenges in your work and come out with flying colors. Hang this painting in your living room somewhere near the entryway to drive positive energy to the house. 

Again in Vastu Shastra, 7 horses’ paintings are recommended for a residence. Vastu says that horses are symbols of success and power. Hence, seven horses canvas in your work area will ensure promotion, success in business ventures and promises financial stability. If you follow Feng Shui, then a painting of 8 galloping horses is recommended. The number 8 represents the 8 aspirations of life–education, career, recognition, progress, marriage, children, health, and happiness. 

  1.     Detect the wealth area of your home and activate it

You can use the Bagua map and detect the wealth area of your place. This position of the house is called Xun position in Feng Shui and is related to abundance and prosperity. Feng Shui says that giving an extra boost to this corner will help you invite more opportunities and thus wealth and good luck. To detect this area, all you have to do is stand in the entryway and look inside. The farthest leftmost corner is the Xun position. 

You can activate it by placing an indoor plant as plants represent a wood element in the Bagua map implying growth and everything new, starting with new beginnings. Money plants are the most suitable for this position, according to Feng Shui. 

Another way to activate the place is to paint the corner purple or place any object of purple color in that particular corner. Purple is said to be related to wealth. 

  1.     Add a money frog

According to Chinese tradition, the money frog also symbolizes prosperity and abundance. There are many stories related to money frogs. Chinese folklore claims the money frog produces money from its mouth and to date is seen as an auspicious figurine for the household. Typically these money frog figurines are made of metal, a variety of stones, or the much-acclaimed material in China jade. 

A money frog is supposed to be placed on a low area but not directly on the floor. It is also said to bless the household with longevity and wisdom in addition to wealth. While buying a money frog, Feng Shui says that you need to set your intentions and regularly clean them to get the best results. 

Whether it is your residence or your workplace, the vibes around influence how you perform with your work. Success and growth can be assured when there are positive vibes around. Feng Shui seems to be the apt solution. Especially when you are looking to boost your life energy to achieve that desired success.

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